Sunday, September 27, 2020

20 things that happened w/b 27th September #coronavirus

• three more Welsh counties face lockdown
• cases at 40 UK universities
• ban on socialising in pubs in the NE
• WHO develops quick low-cost test
• calls to end 10pm pub curfew
global deaths pass 1 million
• PM misquotes new NE restrictions
• four more Welsh counties face lockdown
• students won't face Christmas quarantine
• Speaker demands greater Parliamentary say
• PM calls for "collective forbearance"
• growth in cases could be slowing
• new restrictions in Merseyside
• Poland and Turkey added to quarantine list
• SNP MP broke self-isolation rules
President Trump tests positive
• "everyone got a bit, kind of complacent" (PM)
• President Trump taken to hospital
• latest Bond film postponed again, to April
• conflicting reports on Trump's health

Worldwide deaths: 990,000 → 1,030,000
Worldwide cases: 32,700,000 → 34,700,000
UK deaths: 41,971 → 42,317
UK cases: 429,277 → 480,017
FTSE: up 1% (5842 → 5902)

20 things that happened w/b 20th September #coronavirus

• Singapore issues Bluetooth tracking devices
• 20% of UK population under local restrictions
• 'last chance saloon' before a 2nd lockdown
• if no action, 50000 daily cases by mid-October
• four more Welsh counties locked down
UK virus alert level rises from 3 to 4
• pubs & restaurants must close by 10pm
• "if you can work from home you should do so"
• "we've reached a perilous turning point" (PM)
• new rules are "for perhaps six months"
• household visits banned in Scotland
• daily cases continue to rise rapidly
• NHS COVID-19 app (finally) launches
• Chancellor announces new Job Support Scheme
• only 28% of tests turned round in 24 hours
• virus spreading in university accommodation
• tighter lockdowns in Cardiff, Swansea & Leeds
• Tesco limits sales of toilet roll & pasta
• R number rises to 1.2-1.5
• 2m deaths worldwide 'not impossible' (WHO)

Worldwide deaths: 950,000 → 990,000
Worldwide cases: 30,600,000 → 32,700,000
UK deaths: 41,759 → 41,971
UK cases: 390,358 → 429,277
FTSE: down 3% (6007 → 5842)

20 things that happened w/b 13th September #coronavirus

• care homes warned of rise in infections
• 2nd lockdown in Israel leads to resignations
• UK tests being sent abroad for analysis
• Rule of Six comes into effect
• Labour leader self-isolating
• no tests available in top 10 hotspot areas
• unemployment up, redundancies accelerating
• Home Secretary attempts to define 'mingling'
• entire Irish cabinet self-isolates
• inflation tumbles to 0.2%
• Rhondda goes into isolation/lockdown
• 'very serious situation in Europe' (WHO)
• new restrictions across NE England
• test demand 'significantly outstripping' capacity
• national 'circuit break' restrictions discussed
• London's New Year fireworks cancelled
• new restrictions across NW England
• UK now seeing "inevitable" second wave (PM)
• everyday interactions need to be "dialled back"
• PM plans hefty fines for breaking self-isolation

Worldwide deaths: 920,000 → 950,000
Worldwide cases: 28,600,000 → 30,600,000
UK deaths: 41,623 → 41,759
UK cases: 365,174 → 390,358
FTSE: down ½% (6032 → 6007)

20 things that happened w/b 6th September #coronavirus

• "the economy needs to have people back at work"
• sudden spike in UK cases (2988 is highest since May)
• India overtakes Brazil to be 2nd-worst hit
• Health Secretary wags finger at young people
• seven Greek islands added to quarantine list
• tests unavailable (or ridiculously far away)
• sudden rise in cases "a great concern"
• lockdown cuts off Caerphilly
• the arts are at a "point of no return"
• many people requesting tests "inappropriately'
social gatherings over 6 to be banned
• new rules "for no longer than we have to"
• PM suggests mass daily testing by the spring
• Portugal back on quarantine list
• masks mandatory in shops in Wales
• test and trace app coming on 24th September
• R now between 1 and 1.2 (or higher)
• restrictions on socialising in Birmingham
• daily cases have doubled since this time last week
• looks very much like a second wave...

Worldwide deaths: 875,000 → 920,000
Worldwide cases: 26,700,000 → 28,600,000
UK deaths: 41,549 → 41,623
UK cases: 344,164 → 365,174
FTSE: up 4% (5799 → 6032)

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