Sunday, June 28, 2020

20 things that happened w/b 28th June #coronavirus

• global cases pass 10m, global deaths pass ½m
• non-essential shops open in Scotland
• "the worst is yet to come" (WHO)
• virus spike sees Leicester locked down
• Broadway to stay dark until January 2021
• infrastructure programme to boost the economy
• planning laws loosened
• UK death rate returns to normal
• 'expect more Leicesters'
• thousands of job losses announced
• EU borders reopened to 15 'safe' countries
• two Southampton theatres to close permanently
• face coverings must be worn in Scottish shops
• number of UK cases falls 10% after reclassification*
• England lifts quarantine from 'low risk' countries
• "grab a drink and raise a glass" (HM Treasury)
• "let's not blow it" (PM)
hairdressers and pubs reopen
• many rush to drink and/or eat out
• nine Melbourne tower blocks totally locked down

Worldwide deaths: 495,000 → 530,000
Worldwide cases: 9,900,000 → 11,100,000
UK deaths: 43,514 → 44,198
UK cases: 310,250 → 284,900*
FTSE: down 0.03% (6159 → 6157)

20 things that happened w/b 21st June #coronavirus

• outbreak at Anglesey chicken plant
• pandemic is far from over (WHO)
• face coverings mandatory on transport in Scotland
• non-essential shops reopen in Wales
• shielding to end in July
• major easing of lockdown from 4th July
• social distancing reduced to "one metre plus"
• pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers to open
• social distancing legislation becomes 'guidance'
• daily news conferences end
• number of cases accelerating in the US
• many UK councils fear bankruptcy
• "too much mingling could set the UK back" (PM)
• 1 in 14 care home residents have died
• WHO warns of resurgence in (Eastern) Europe
• heatwave crowds - major incident at Bournemouth
• Texas and Florida roll back reopenings
• 'air corridors' to boost European travel
• "most SAGE evidence is ignored or politicised"
• cases soaring in Delhi

Worldwide deaths: 460,000 → 495,000
Worldwide cases: 8,700,000 → 9,900,000
UK deaths: 42,589 → 43,514
UK cases: 303,110 → 310,250
FTSE: down 2% (6292 → 6159)

20 things that happened w/b 14th June #coronavirus

• Govt to review 2m distancing rule
• German holidaymakers return to the Canaries
• face coverings mandatory on public transport
• shoppers rush back to the high street
• Isle of Man scraps social distancing
• school meal vouchers extended through summer
• Dexamethasone cuts death risk for seriously ill
• Royal Ascot goes ahead behind closed doors
• hospitals in Delhi overwhelmed
• NHS tracing app will be ready “for the winter”
• Premier League returns (with a nil nil draw)
• Bank of England pumps £100bn into economy
• test & trace app switched to Google/Apple model
• contact tracers fail to reach 25% who test +ve
UK alert level lowered from 4 to 3
• UK debt now exceeds size of economy
• £1bn of funding for educational catch-up
• Brazil second country to exceed a million cases
• road traffic back at 75% of normal
• enormous hints that 2m will become 1m

Worldwide deaths: 430,000 → 460,000
Worldwide cases: 7,700,000 → 8,700,000
UK deaths: 41,662 → 42,589
UK cases: 294,375 → 303,110
FTSE: up 3% (6105 → 6292)

20 things that happened w/b 7th June #coronavirus

• places of worship to reopen for private prayer
• mass gatherings at anti-racism protests
• daily death toll in Scotland hits zero
• quarantine begins for incoming travellers
• some dentists reopen
• New Zealand declares itself virus-free
• Govt drops plans to fully reopen primary schools
• 9m UK workers covered by furlough scheme
• Test and Trace system 'not fit for purpose'
• NHS waiting list growing fast
• virus could hit UK economy hardest
• 'support bubbles' for single adult households
• earlier lockdown would have halved death toll
• calls to cut 2m rule to 1m
• UK economy shrank by 20% in April
• approximately 1 in 1700 Britons infected (ONS)
• deprived areas hit twice as hard (ONS)
• Brazil's death toll now exceeds the UK
• Trooping the Colour cancelled
• fresh outbreak at Beijing food market

Worldwide deaths: 400,000 → 430,000
Worldwide cases: 6,800,000 → 7,700,000
UK deaths: 40,465 → 41,662
UK cases: 284,868 → 294,375
FTSE: down 6% (6484 → 6105)

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