Sunday, May 31, 2020

20 things that happened w/b 31st May #coronavirus

• 200,000 daily testing target exceeded, allegedly
• sunny weekend = lockdown breaking down early
• 2.2m 'shielding' can leave the house again
• lockdown eased despite alert level remaining high
• schools reopen, but turn-out mixed
• racing at Newcastle kickstarts sport's return
• Spain reports no virus deaths today (UK still 100+)
• Govt criticised over use of testing data
• Parliament votes to abandon remote voting
• Business Secretary develops symptoms (but tests -ve)
• 14 day quarantine a 'killer blow' for travel sector
• record profits for teleconferencing company Zoom
• UK hosts virtual vaccine summit
• face coverings to be mandatory on public transport
• 40% of global deaths are now in Latin America
• WHO now encourages use of face coverings
• IoW MP apologises for going to barbecue
• regional R may be greater than 1
• do not assemble to join a protest (Gov)
• weekend press conferences discontinued

Worldwide deaths: 370,000 → 400,000
Worldwide cases: 6,000,000 → 6,800,000
UK deaths: 38,376 → 40,465
UK cases: 272,826 → 284,868
FTSE: up 7% (6076 → 6484)

20 things that happened w/b 24th May #coronavirus

• Cummings "followed instincts of every parent" (PM)
• Step 2 begins 1st June - schools to reopen
• Even the Daily Mail attacks Dominic Cummings
• Dominic explains his motives, but without apology
• Step 2: outdoor markets/car showrooms can reopen
• non-essential shops can reopen on 15th June
• polls show government support in decline
• Remdesivir shortens recovery time 'by four days'
• South America showing rapid increase in cases
• New Zealand now has no hospital cases
• Track and Trace launches in England and Scotland
• ... but won't be fully operational until end of June
• Durham police say Dominic Cummings broke the law
• from Monday, groups of 6 allowed to meet outdoors
• ...but groups of 8 in Scotland, from Thursday
• 10th (and final?) Clap For Carers
• Premier League to restart in three weeks
• too early to ease lockdown, say scientists
• Trump plans to withdraw the US from the WHO
• sport can resume behind closed doors from Monday

Worldwide deaths: 340,000 → 370,000
Worldwide cases: 5,300,000 → 6,000,000
UK deaths: 36,675 → 38,376
UK cases: 257,154 → 272,826
FTSE: up 1% (5993 → 6076)

20 things that happened w/b 17th May #coronavirus

• reopening schools in doubt over safety concerns
• most of Europe past virus peak
• hospitals in São Paulo overwhelmed
• loss of taste/smell added to UK symptoms list
• food industry seeks 'pickers who are stickers'
• tests now available to anyone with symptoms
• death toll in Brazil overtakes UK
• Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine
• inflation tumbled to 0.8% in April
• contact tracing to begin in June
• track and trace app delayed until June
• 17% of Londoners may have had virus
• Scotland to start easing lockdown next week
• UK buys 10m antibody tests
• global death toll accelerating
• 14 day quarantine for those entering the UK
• UK borrowing at record high
• Dominic Cummings broke quarantine while infected
• ...this was abhorrent behaviour/perfectly OK
• (and may also have driven to Barnard Castle)

Worldwide deaths: 310,000 → 340,000
Worldwide cases: 4,600,000 → 5,300,000
UK deaths: 34,466 → 36,675
UK cases: 240,161 → 257,154
FTSE: up 3% (5799 → 5993)

20 things that happened w/b 10th May #coronavirus

Stay Alert - Control The Virus - Save Lives
• PM announces conditional plan to ease lockdown
• nation tries to unravel what little has changed
• PM tries to clarify what he said yesterday
• rules now different in England to Wales/Scotland
• furlough scheme to continue for four more months
• death rate in care homes now falling
• after seven weeks, lockdown eases marginally
• England nudged back to work/golf courses reopen
• public urged to avoid public transport
• New Zealand back to (new) normal
• every country in Africa now affected
• UK economy shrank 2% in first quarter
• Govt approves Roche antibody test
• 0.27% of the population currently infected (ONS)
• coronavirus may never go away (UN)
• unions say June too early to be reopening schools
• plan to test all care home staff and residents
• anti-lockdown protesters gather in Hyde Park
• football restarts in the German Bundesliga

Worldwide deaths: 280,000 → 310,000
Worldwide cases: 4,000,000 → 4,600,000
UK deaths: 31,587 → 34,466
UK cases: 215,260 → 240,161
FTSE: down 2% (5935 → 5799)

20 things that happened w/b 3rd May #coronavirus

• focus turns to how and when to reopen what
• contact tracing app to be trialled on IoW
• Govt misses testing target again
• Italy starts to ease lockdown
• Govt paying almost a quarter of workers' wages
• privacy concerns about new contact tracing app
• UK now has Europe's highest death total
• lead epidemiologist resigns over lockdown affair
• Germany reopens shops (masks compulsory)
• "It's time to reopen business" (Trump)
• PM hints lockdown could be eased from Monday
• newspapers widely leak next week's announcement
• PM urges caution ahead of lockdown announcement
• PPE gowns from Turkey are unusable
• VE Day anniversary commemorations under lockdown
• Wales to allow exercise more than once a day
• US unemployment rate rises to 15%
• 14-day quarantine proposed for air passengers
• Govt announces £2bn for walking and cycling
• garden centres can reopen next week

Worldwide deaths: 240,000 → 280,000
Worldwide cases: 3,400,000 → 4,000,000
UK deaths: 28,131 → 31,587
UK cases: 182,260 → 215,260
FTSE: up 3% (5763 → 5935)

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